Students will be required to take a computational sequence of 3 classes, together with 3 classes from a set of “core” electives, usually centered around a theme (eg Ecology, Human Genetics, Systems biology …), together with a further 3 electives to be selected from a wide range of suitable courses in Biology, Computation and Statistics.

Required classes:

STAT 24400. Statistical Theory and Methods I. Fall
HGEN 48600 Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Models and Inference. Winter
HGEN 48800 Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Algorithms and Applications. Spring

Core Electives:
HGEN 47000 Human Genetics I. Fall
MGCB 31400 Genetic Analysis of Model Organisms. Fall.
HGEN 47100 Introductory Statistical Genetics. Winter
ECEV 35600 Principles of Population Genetics I. Winter
HGEN/ECEV/BCMB 31100 Evolution of Biological Molecules. Winter
BCMB 32200 Biophysics of Biomolecules. Spring.
HGEN 46900 Human Variation and Disease. Spring
HGEN 47300 Genomics and Systems Biology. Spring
MGCB 32000 Quantitative Analysis of Biological Dynamics. Spring

Additional Electives:
BIOS 20186 Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology. Fall*
STAT 34300 Applied Linear Statistical Methods. Fall
CMSC 37720 Computational Systems Biology. Fall.
ECEV 32000 Introduction to Scientific Computing for Biologists. Fall
STAT 30900/CMSC 37810. Mathematical Computation I — Matrix Computation. Fall.
BIOS 20187 Fundamentals of Genetics. Winter*
STAT 24500 Statistical Theory and Methods II. Winter
STAT 32950 Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Applications and Techniques. Winter
ECEV 42900 Theoretical Ecology. Winter
STAT 24610 Pattern Recognition. Spring
STAT 30210 Bayesian Analysis and Principles of Statistics. Spring
STAT 35400/ECEV 35400/MGCB 35401 Gene Regulation. Spring
STAT 35500 Statistical Genetics. Spring.
STAT 37710 Machine Learning. Autumn, Spring
STAT 37790 Topics in Statistical Machine Learning. Spring

Additional requirements:
A student is required to take two rotations
A course focused on scientific communication:
Seminar in Computational Biology (TBD).
English 33000 (writing class)
*Students with weak biological background when joining the program are recommended to take BIOS 20186 (Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology) in Fall and BIOS 20187 (Fundamentals of Genetics) in Winter.

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